About me

My name is Ben, and I’ve been in software engineering for over 15 years, predominantly in ad tech. My passion is to build products, whether it’s for customers engaging in our business or building an internal tool to make our lives easier.

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+------------+    +-------------+
| JavaScript |    | API Clients |      This is my world!
+----+-------+    +--+----------+
     |               |
     +---------------+                 I love drawing
     |                                 diagrams, and
     |      +-------------------+      Asciiflow is one
+----v--+   |        k8s        |      of the tools in
|       |   |    +---------+    |      my toolbelt. It
|  CDN  +------->+ Gateway |    |      is excellent for
|  GTM  |   |    +----+----+    |      drawing diagrams
|       |   |         |         |      like this, which
+-------+   |     +---+---+     |      can live in
            |     |       |     |      source code
            |   +-v--+ +--v-+   |      (or on blogs!)
            |   |Java| |Node|   |
            |   +-+--+ +--+-+   |
            |     |       |     |
                  |       |
            |                  |
 +----------v-------+    +-----v---------+
 |     Devops       |    |    Data       |
 | Jaeger  RabbitMQ |    | Elasticsearch |
 | Prometheus   ELK |    | Cassandra     |
 | Vault     Docker |    | MySQL         |
 +------------------+    +---------------+


Build Products

I have a vast experience of build UI and backend services used by internal and external customers. I have a passion for building rapid prototypes that are built for production (scalable, robust, yet simple and clean).


During my position as a manager of engineers and a staff engineer for a larger organization, I sought to lead engineering excellence through practice and process. I emphasize collaboration and camaraderie. The individuals on the team I led went on to lead teams of their own. I set forth standards and best practices and evangelized them through the breadth of our organization.

Engineer Solutions

I seek to create scalable solutions for large scale problems. I pioneered utilizing GitLab CI on Kubernetes in a custom GitLab and Kubernetes cluster, which was adopted for thousands of projects by dozens of teams.

I championed utilizing distributed tracing across platforms and services, including standing up Jaeger, writing to OpenDistro (open source Elasticsearch), and documenting various integration methods.

I architected an API gateway solution to provide consistent, centralized, monitored API access to products while maintaining independence and high throughput for backend APIs.

I researched and designed the deployment strategy for hundreds of products through multiple Kubernetes clusters utilizing ArgoCD.