Automated Smoke Testing with SSL

Smoke testing is the verification of functionality in a live system, be that development, test or production. Many of us are familiar with deploying an application, and clicking around to be sure nothing is obviously broken. Is the application running? Am I connecting to the database correctly? But there are many more holes that form as an application grows, and integration testing becomes critical to catching them.

How Starting Your Own Startup Changes You

Starting your own startup is a radical process, many times undertaken by people who have never done it before. It can be painful, certainly stressful, but also very exciting and motivating. My experience was no different, with extraordinary highs and dragging lows, and I hope sharing about it helps dissipate any apprehension in going after your own.

Supercharge Your Makefile

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Dropwizard and SSL

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Bypassing Spring Security

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Installing Cassandra on Mac

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Poetry by Pablo Neruda

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On The Road

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Feed the Monster

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Emerald Reflection

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Getting Started on Hydra

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County Housing Search

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Using Java’s URLEncoder

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Enabling Password-less SSH

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Markdown Overview

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Walking Dead XStitch

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Jobs in Hydra

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Accessing Spring Properties

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More Domain Entities

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Events for EXT-JS

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Creating Displayable Text

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Getting Started with Hydra

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