Uncanny X-Men Issues 1-23

I’ve been reading through the Uncanny X-men comics over the past month, really enjoying the original story lines. My favorite parts are when I see the letters to Stan and Jack, and realize how excited everyone was about the series. I couldn’t imagine what it was like for Marvel to first unveil these teenage superheroes. A few things stand out to me which I did not expect before starting to read these:

  1. Everyone loves Jean Grey, even Professor X! I always figured him to be a man with aspirations far larger than a family, but Stan writes in his yearning for love, as well as a desire to walk again (see ish #22).
  2. Magneto is completely villainous. His early depiction is quite grotesque, and fits him well, as he cares nothing for any of his subordinates.
  3. Marvel has been around far longer than X-men. I enjoy how Stan introduces enemies from stories of much older comics, and references them in footers of panels.
  4. Some of the plot lines are very well written and can be more gripping than a movie or TV show. How will the X-men get out of this situation or that? Who will they face next time? I know I cannot guess what may happen, because I never thought they’d fight the Avengers.

My favorite story arcs thus far are the introduction of Juggernaut and Professor X’s back story, the introduction of the Sentinels, and the battle against Nefarius and the Maggio.


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